We’re OMC — we manage search so you don’t have to.

We have a passion for providing useful tools and services for developers and businesses. In 2009, we launched Websolr, the first cloud hosted Solr-as-a-service, in the original batch of Heroku add-ons. In 2012, we followed up with Bonsai, the first hosted Elasticsearch-as-a-service on the market.

Who we are

Our company is small and independent. Since day one, we've been self-funded, profitable, and beholden to our customers alone. Our entire team, starting with the founders, is comprised of developers, engineers, scientists, and designers.

Who we help

We've been fortunate to serve teams at both startups and established sites. We manage the search engines for e-commerce applications, social media sites, magazine archives, classifieds search, job boards, resume search, CRMs, CMSs, and more.

Our products

Enterprise-grade search powered by open-source Apache Solr and hosted by a team with over 11 years of expertise in cloud operations and search. Websolr is fast, reliable, and backed by expert support and advice.

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Bonsai is a fully managed full-text search engine powered by the open source Elasticsearch project. Bonsai is the quickest way to get started, the best value for most projects, and when it's time to scale, we have deep expertise to come alongside and help.

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Our team — we wear a lot of hats

Nick Zadrozny

Founder & CEO

Austin, TX

Dan Simpson


San Diego, CA

Brian Pedersen

Vice President, Bonsai Enterprise

San Diego, CA

Christine Oen

Head of Product

Austin, TX

Rob Sears

Head of Platform

Omaha, NE

Allison Zadrozny

Lead Designer & Front End Engineer

Austin, TX

Leo Schuster

Customer Success Engineer

Austin, TX

Sam Oen

Platform Engineer

Perth, Australia

Lisa Watts

Office Manager

Austin, TX

Emily McLenachen

Account Manager

Gilbert, AZ

Joel Martens

Account Executive

Chicago, IL

Matt Gross

Solutions Architect

Lexington, KY


No one knows Elasticsearch better than Bonsai. We've been able to avoid hiring that expertise in-house because of the support that we're getting with Bonsai.

Nathan Sprout, Head of Product, ActionSprout